Life Stage Massage

204 Second Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030

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The inspiration that launched LSM and which continues to motivate and guide our practice is a passionate intuitive sense of the potential for massage therapy as an effective healing modality for pain and mobility as well as stress relief and relaxation. Our principals hold that in order to be effective and avoid harm massage should feel relieving or soothing but never painful. Massage manipulations must be contingent to the structure and condition of the particular tissue being addressed. In order to accomplish this our therapists lead with "listening hands"; first sensing and then responding to the structure and condition of the tissue being treated moment to moment. This mindful approach allows us to be exceptionally accurate. Before we begin each session we take time to fully understand our client's relevant health history as well as her preferences and goals. During the session we work collaboratively to ensure our approach is maintaining our client's comfort and meeting her therapeutic needs. At your request we will recommend a customized longer term treatment plan to address our client's goals based on our assessment of her condition. In addition to massage we offer a unique selection of spa treatments, essential oils and herbal tinctures to support healing, health and wellbeing for women and families at all stages of life.


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Timezone: America/Montreal
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