Central Park Organic Spa

30 Central Park South,Suite 1cd, New York City, NY 10019

About us

Central Park Organic Spa is a holistic and organic medical spa that offers all inclusive facials for women and men. Our spa embraces the European approach to beauty, where the priority is given to a facial massage and quality skin care products rather than an equipment use. A professional face massage will increase the blood flow into your skin, and as a result, speed up collagen production and cell regeneration; reputable skin care products will deliver the best oxidants and vitamins into your skin. These two factors combined, when performed regularly, will make your look younger for many years ahead. Our facials are also all inclusive, which means that you can add any extra procedure that we offer, such as an organic microderbrasion, microneedling, dermaplaning, 35% glycolic peel, CO2 mask, high frequency treatment, or oxygen treatment, at no cost. We do it because we believe that a true facial should be about addressing all your needs and making you feel good, not about selling your more procedures. For those clients who feel that they need a bit more than our licensed estheticians can offer, our Manhattan Based Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Luis Cenedese MD can help. He has over 25 years of experience performing cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, as well as lasers and injectables. We offer specially priced packages for injectables and facials to deliver you the best of both worlds without breaking your wallet.


Operation Hours

Timezone: America/Montreal
AM 10:00 - PM 05:00
PM 03:00 - PM 07:00
AM 10:00 - PM 08:00
AM 11:00 - PM 08:00
AM 11:00 - PM 04:00

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